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  • Games Played: 330
  • Achievements: 6422

Registered: 29 Dec 2016 at 06:02 am

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PREPATHLETICS's Common Achievements

Disarm 10 traps with the Hunter in single-player mode

Arrive at Castelletto for the first time.

Die 10 times in single-player mode

Get 1k of crystals in single player

Kill 10 enemies while they are frozen

Set a speed on 5 speed traps and 5 average speed zones.

Get to 100th Position on the popularity chart.

Liberate 5 locations from the Project at Eden's Gate (Campaign only).

While driving or leaning out of a vehicle, kill 25 enemies (Campaign only).

Complete 3 Side Missions in Hope County (Solo Campaign only).

Perform 25 close combat Takedown Kills (Campaign only).

Follow the clues to the end of 3 treasure hunts (Solo Campaign only).

Buy all attachments for one weapon (Campaign only).

Complete the game intro by liberating Dutch’s island (Solo Campaign only).

Get to 200th Position on the popularity chart.



Complete 20 Sponsorship Challenges.

Complete 5 Sponsorship Challenges.

Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in under 3 minutes.

Defeat 3 enemies at once using the Barrels of Light

Story Progression in Act 1 - Chapter 1 (any difficulty setting)

Start a new game for the first time. (any difficulty setting)

Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without Wrecking

Win a Marked man without being taken down

Eliminate 25 enemies while riding any beast.

PREPATHLETICS's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:44 / 330 (13%)
Gamerscore:137063 / 310935 (44%)
Achievements:6422 / 14126 (45%)

PREPATHLETICS needs to unlock 76 more achievements to reach 46%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:287

Time tracked since:22 Dec 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:7 days 8 hours