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r1p PL's Legendary Achievements

Complete the Class 101 Introduction tutorial

Score on the basketball hoop at Venice in The Journey

Find Rambolo, the last rhino of Vurhonga Savanna



All the survivors have been rescued.

Henry suffered a mortal splinter wound during swordplay with you.

The Ring of Bacchus made its way back to Kuno.

You were robbed of the Ring of Bacchus. Tough luck!

Even men who fight for coin have their honour. You succeeded in reminding Kuno of his.

You left Jakey tied to the tree to consider the error of his ways.

You promised Jakey you'd let him go, and you kept your word.

You ensured a timely raid on the mill to rescue the girls there, even at the cost of a risky fight.

Defeated 5 Match Level: Super Star opponents

Your trust in Lord Capon is indisputable. Or you're an idiot.



You've been of invaluable assistance to the great lover, Sir Hans Capon.

You've buried Lev next to his family.

You won the dice tournament in the robber baron's camp.

Play Dance Central Spotlight every day for one week.



Earn Gold stars on at least one routine with each dancer character.

Travel a distance of 100 miles (160.934 kilometers) on foot



Level up Speech to maximum.



Carry out 100 combos in combat.



Kill 50 enemies with headshots.



You've condemned your friends to death.

Complete ALL the MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps

Reach the tournament finals series in career mode.

Score 10 goals with behind the back shots.



Knock over 50 players with body checks.

Reach the LEGEND rank in 3 different fields of expertise

Get 50% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges

Complete 1000 passes in any game mode.

Hire Engineers into every slot in your Service Area.

Win a Hillclimb Stage where both of your Run times are faster than any other.

Beat a score of 40,000 on 'Final Frontier' whilst riding the Roach with the Frontier BodyKit

Clear the 'Hunter of Secrets' challenge on 'Deeper Underground'

Pass the thunder storm in 'The Long Haul' whilst on fire!

Perform a zero fault run in Neo Bradford whilst wearing the Neo Hooligan outfit

Complete the 'Wormfood' challenge on 'Gone to Waste'

Reach 150 Fight Challenges with Riptor

Reach 80 Fight Challenges with Riptor

Grabbed by the Ghoulies: Get through the Ballroom without starting a fight.

Win a Team Championship two years consecutively

Win the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons

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Achievements:10492 / 24717 (42%)

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