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Online playing Mortal Kombat X on Xbox One

  • Games Played: 235
  • Achievements: 4808

Registered: 2 Aug 2015 at 11:11 am

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SEBA VENCEDOR's Rare Achievements

Use mission replay to replay and complete 3 missions.

Enter a secret room, inside a secret room, inside a LEGION lair.

Hunt the corb near Vagrant's Rest.

Give Respect points in a King of the hill match

Enter Photo Mode for the first time

Complete "Operation: Machine Man".

Fully deck out Firing Squad in their signature outfits.

Complete "Operation: Star Power".

Complete a 360 in the air while in a vehicle.

Fully deck out Carnage a Trois in their signature outfits.

Fully deck out the Bombshells in their signature outfit.

Fully deck out Franchise Force in their signature outfits.

Unlock 5 warp points via open world gameplay.

You foolishly pushed the button in the Hollywood Sewers

Spend 30 minutes in-game as French Republic Medic

Complete all class training sessions

Found all roses and discovered the final resting place.

Inflict 100,000 damage to enemies



Kill 100 enemies while aiming

Kill 3 enemies in a row in Versus

Perform 10 climbs with your teammates in Co-op or Versus

Step on 10 Mites within 5 seconds

Have 100 monsters being killed by their peers

Kill 25 enemies in Co-op Versus matches

Upgrade Fabricator to maximum level (in one session)

Completed the Prologue in Co-op (any difficulty)

SEBA VENCEDOR's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:26 / 235 (11%)
Gamerscore:94530 / 263795 (35%)
Achievements:4808 / 12020 (40%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:288

Time tracked since:26 Jul 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:943 days 1 hour