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Last seen 15 hours ago playing Assassin's Creed on Xbox 360

  • Games Played: 229
  • Achievements: 4735

Registered: 2 Aug 2015 at 11:11 am

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SEBA VENCEDOR's Uncommon Achievements

Find 10 nanophage patient cards.

Inflict 2500 damage with a single hit

Witness the resting place of the once mighty.

Peek through all the keyholes.



Be faster than the Sentinels.

Use only one bubble in the underwater cave.

Complete the labyrinth without making a sound.

Turning your back to the truth and persevering will lead you nowhere.

Win a Match using a non-Starter Character and non-default Weapon Skin

Reach level 2 in one Horde class

Kill 150 enemies while using Power Ups

Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod

Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies

Kill a player who has Gone Rogue.

Set off the nuke in Ranger Citadel before going to LA

At lvl 30 start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being Downed or Dying.

Extract a Superior or High-end Item from the Dark Zone.

Fully upgrade the Base of Operations.



Win the MVP award in a game that goes to overtime

SEBA VENCEDOR's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:26 / 229 (11%)
Gamerscore:93370 / 256755 (36%)
Achievements:4735 / 11754 (40%)

SEBA VENCEDOR needs to unlock 85 more achievements to reach 41%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:284

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Total time played:943 days 1 hour