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SEBA VENCEDOR's Common Achievements

Adeline likes to think she is always in the know of the latest events in the little village.

Lock up your first Supervillain in GCPD.

Nuna and Fox restored what once was.

Nuna and Fox defeated their strongest foe.

You found all Cultural Insights in the Forest.

Nuna and Fox kept their heads in the Northern Lights.

You found all Cultural Insights in the Coastal Village.

You found all Cultural Insights in the Whale Spirit.

Nuna and Fox encountered an old enemy and a new friend.

You found all Cultural Insights in Nuna's Village.

Nuna safely returned to her village.

You found all Cultural Insights in the Tundra.

Fox saved Nuna from a dangerous predator.

Earn the right to take on three-star assignments.

Earn the right to take on two-star assignments.

Escape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs.

Take a picture of the rabbit outside Odin Finch National Park

Great Owl


Catch 2 rabbits with only 2 swoops

Look in all peepholes and telescopes long enough to hear Edith's commentary

See Johann's name in the ending credits

Knock all the letters of Gregory's name into the bathtub

Clear all balls off the pool table

Let the drunken sailor finish his song

Drown 3 enemies using a water finisher

Headshot an enemy with an arrow from a distance beyond 25m

SEBA VENCEDOR's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:27 / 262 (10%)
Gamerscore:102375 / 296930 (34%)
Achievements:5136 / 13434 (38%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:322

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