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  • Achievements: 23526

Registered: 25 Jun 2016 at 08:59 pm

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Stella2712's Ultra Rare Achievements

Unhide the player and hide UI in a picture. Point camera at the player

Refuse to take part in the ritual

Choose all the replies in R’lyehian

Push Irene Sanders to the limit

Complete all underwater location objectives.

Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on One with the Jungle difficulty

Complete Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Deadly Obsession difficulty

Pass the pendulum obstacle course in 60 seconds in “Aztec”

Climb to the top of the tree with the birds nest in “Aztec”



Walk on the rolling ball to bypass a puzzle in "Aztec"

Feed an appliance with power from 3 batteries in "Power Plant"

Complete the game start-to-end in one run

Complete "Water" diving head-first



Zipline from the church tower in "Castle"

Parkour fluidly from the alley to the blacksmith in "Castle" without touching the ground.

Unlock/Find every kind of Amulet and Gem

Banish Ammit and defeat Seteki without delivering the Coup de Grace

Complete the Main Diary Collection

Solve every kind of puzzle door across the game.

Solve the Maze and open the door in Cutthroat Caverns

Get to Horde Wave 4 without taking any damage

Complete a level with each of the first four Brigade members

Collect double the Gold of each of your teammates

Try to escape the bridge early in Burned Bridges.

Kill 10 Gougers or Hot Heads with the tractor in Fields of Terror.

Collected 3000 blue points. Ok. Now that's impressive.

Switched on the portal. Are you sure you want leave?

Helped Astrologer reunite with his family.

Helped Snake with his dark ceremony.

Gave a gold-star book to Astrologer. You should consider writing six more...

Betrayed Gerry. That's not something you should be super-proud of.

Got an Ideal Song from Vagner. Now you know how you'll make a million bucks, once you get back home.

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Completed Games:759 / 794 (95%)
Gamerscore:763607 / 769213 (99%)
Achievements:23526 / 23755 (99%)

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Ultra Rare:1071

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Total time played:88 days 3533 seconds

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