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temaonline's Rare Achievements

Spend $50000 in Vehicle Shops (Campaign only).

Laugh in danger's face by executing a Clutch Nixon stunt in each region (Solo Campaign only).

Complete every Mission of the game on Heroic difficulty.

Special 2: Survive the final encounter without being seriously hurt.

Special 2: Defeat the final obstacle between you and your goal.

Special 2: Have some poison poured in your ear.



Special 2: Complete the elevator ride.

Special 1: Follow the signal to its conclusion.

Special 1: Find someone to help you.

Use the Axii Sign to force one opponent to kill another. Do this 20 times.

Win all the horse races in the game.

Complete the contract on the Woodland Spirit.

Kill 2 monsters you have a contract on without using Signs, potions, mutagens, oils or bombs.

Have all possible Place of Power bonuses active at the same time.

Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Kick open a door, peek open a door, and throw a grenade while peeking a door.

Give Respect points in a King of the hill match

Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she's leaping at you.

Collect 7,000 campaign or playlist medals.



Halo 4: Activate Terminal 4 on Reclaimer.

Halo 4: Activate Terminal 3 on Infinity.



Halo 4: Activate Terminal 1 on Requiem.

Collect 6,000 campaign or playlist medals.

Halo 4: Access the Master Chief's records on Dawn.

Complete The Game On Centurion Difficulty

Complete "RAAM's Shadow" in Standard Campaign on any difficulty.

As RAAM, kill 50 Gears using your Kryll.

Collect 25 Rainbow Stars from the Mystery Portal

Enter the Mystery Portal and Complete a Super Mix Event!

Vanquish 50 Plants with the Z-Mech's Robo Stomp.

Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty

Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty

Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy

Complete Campaign on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

Complete Lotus Towers on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

Complete Sand Castle on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

Complete Demon Within on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

Complete Rise and Fall on Hardened, Veteran, or Realistic.

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