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The Wee Bear 159645

  • Games Played: 424
  • Achievements: 6883

Registered: 20 Mar 2015 at 01:21 am

Last Scan: 22 Aug 2019 at 11:15 pm

The Wee Bear's Rare Achievements



Graffiti all Picture Perfect posters

Max out your stud bar in every level

Complete ''These Boots Are Made For Stompa''

Collect all Minikits in the game

Kill 10 enemies using the Death Veil ability.

Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Hunters in Makedonia.

Discover the truth about Darius's past.

Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Drag Racing Series.

Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Cross Country Series.



Reach Round 10 in the Horizon Dirt Racing Series.

Perform an Overpower Attack with every weapon type.

Recover the Cyclops's eye from a goat on Kephallonia.

Complete all underwater location objectives.

Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands.

Find and open all the Conquistador treasure chests

Complete all Challenge Tombs in the main campaign

Craft special ammunition 50 times

Hunt and kill 10 enemies while Perception is active

Activate A Gate Without Activating Any Checkpoints

Defeated 10 enemies with a heat beam in the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' level

Set both Free Play characters as Wasp Classic and Yellowjacket in the 'Egghead Eggs-capade' level

The Wee Bear's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:93 / 424 (21%)
Gamerscore:159645 / 339930 (46%)
Achievements:6883 / 14720 (46%)

The Wee Bear needs to unlock 36 more achievements to reach 47%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:249

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:60 days 22 hours

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