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The Wee Bear 157755

  • Games Played: 421
  • Achievements: 6804

Registered: 20 Mar 2015 at 01:21 am

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The Wee Bear's Common Achievements

Recruit and assign a Legendary NPC for your ship.

Equip 1 Legendary melee weapon and 5 Legendary armor pieces.

Win your first on land conquest battle in any region (excluding Megaris in Hero's Journey).

Raise your Bounty to the maximum level.

Spend the night with another character.

Kill the Leader of any Region with Low Resources, other than Megaris.



Acquire and equip your first Legendary item.

Get your first Forza Edition Car from a Wheelspin.

Find and restore your first Barn Find.

Buy your first car from the Autoshow.

Get rid of the pillagers outside of Kuwaq Yaku

Kill 5 enemies while they are searching for Lara

Complete a climb after finding the Overhang Climbing Gear

Learn of 5 interesting locations from civilians

Enter the Temple of Life's inner chamber

Perform a Stealth Takedown from a mud-covered wall

Kill 3 enemies while they are distracted

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Completed Games:93 / 421 (22%)
Gamerscore:157755 / 334650 (47%)
Achievements:6804 / 14468 (47%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:244

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:60 days 22 hours

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