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  • Games Played: 385
  • Achievements: 10089

Registered: 22 May 2017 at 06:27 pm

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TheNickOfTime's Legendary Achievements

Reach 5,000 Total Underworld Renown

WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less

Complete all Caretaker Goals

Kill any boss with only one hero remaining

Complete the game with default difficulty options

Complete the game within 99 Weeks

Complete the game on Stygian

Complete all Hoarder's Desire encounters.

Complete all Shadow Agent encounters.

Equip all the Dragon Relic items at once.

Get 12 'Failure' or 'Huge Failure' chance cards in a single session.

Slalom: Over time, score 500 fast travel points.

Complete all Merchant Guard encounters.

Perform 1 kill with the Livens Projector

Destroy 5 airplanes while in the Behemoth Airship L30

Perform 1 kill with the Broken Bottle

Perform a kill with all "Apocalypse" weapon variants

The SOMANTO agents knocking at your door agree.

SOMANTO's anabolic seem to be working for you. You have finished the game in Challenge.


Have a total of 500 other characters across any game modes join in Team Skills that you launch.

Gain 100 victories in Quick Match

Build 300 towers in Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).

Destroy 5 Juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).

Collect 150 Resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher).

Perform 50 Zombie Executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher).

Kill 5 Bloaters (Breakdown Level 2 or Higher).

Kill 1000 enemies in Quick Match

TheNickOfTime's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:193 / 385 (50%)
Gamerscore:245737 / 378170 (64%)
Achievements:10089 / 15274 (66%)

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1023

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