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TheNickOfTime's Ultra Rare Achievements

Complete the organ puzzle in Okaar.

Kill all the gamors in the Okaar arena.

Help Zern fix the boat light by providing a piece of helidium from Motazzar.

Destroy the boats in Shamazaar to weaken the soldiers!

Destroy the company of soldiers located in Zorkatraz.

Unlock the wheel to enter the Darosham!

Help Sadar fix his boat using a Zeedog plant.

Damage the rift bridge to slow the soldiers down.

Achieve the highest level of reputation by helping the Talans.

Defeat more soldiers to convince Zot to stop paying taxes.

Defeat 10 soldiers using dynamite.

Defeat at least 20 soldiers in Motazaar for Ashkar.



Travel 10 times through Daokas.

Kill the beast in the water behind the temple of Ka.

Kill the gamors far to the east of the village.

Get an assist from a manual saucer pass in any mode.

Destroy 12000 enemy air units in the co-op campaign.



Destroy 6000 objects in the co-op campaign.

Destroy 20000 enemy ground units in the co-op campaign.

Destroy 2500 objects in the co-op campaign.

Finish all missions with at least a silver trophy.

Finish all missions with a gold trophy.

Complete a mission on Death difficulty with at least four people remaining.



Defeat 6 Dooms in a single Tower of Doom

Complete the game in love with Larissa.

Unlock the bare minimum success ending.

Complete the game in love with Jennifer.

Complete the game and save the world.

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Completed Games:193 / 385 (50%)
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Achievements:10089 / 15274 (66%)

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Ultra Rare:1023

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