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TheTwistadOne48's Ultra Rare Achievements

Perform Defense Reaction-Evade 100 times total in real battle.

Perform Defense Reaction-Guard 100 times total in real battle.

Complete all China Rising Assignments

Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty

Earn a medal in each scenario of Rookie Driver in Scenario Mode.

Win an Online Race with any car from the Classic 80's at Jerez.

Reach level 10 online and open up a new world of possibilities.

Drive faster than a Russian torpedo, which incidentally is 230 mph.

Score 250,000 points in a single drift.

Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping a vehicle

Finish a race with the fastest lap 100 times.

Win an offline race by less than 0.02 seconds.

Purchase everything in the Reward Store.

Earn $10,000,000 total during your career

Win the Constructors' World Championship in a Co-op Championship

Win the Drivers' World Championship in a Co-op season

Join and invite friends 100 times (any game mode)

Kill 500 enemies with a mounted weapon in any game mode.

Reach the top rank for multiplayer experience.

Achieve first place finishes in all DiRT Tour events

Achieve Silver medals in all of the DC Challenges

Complete all of the DC Challenges

Score 500,000 Points in a Gymkhana Event

Complete a clean run in a Gymkhana Sprint DC Challenge

Win a DIRT Tour event in a car from the Power and Glory Car Pack using a custom setup

Complete 100% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Complete 75% of the Battersea Compound Missions

Destroy all instances of propaganda.

Take victory from pole position 41 times in your career

In 8 Player online Freeburn lead 6 of the Today's Best Scores

Have $1 million dollars in the bank while playing in Los Angeles.

Drive 150 km (93 miles) in "Keep Your Distance" and "Follow the Leader" modes

Drive 150 km (93 miles) in intra-Club challenges

Win the World Drivers' Championship for a third time

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Ultra Rare:98

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