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  • Achievements: 5157

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TheTwistadOne48's Common Achievements

Find and restore your first Barn Find.

Get your first Forza Edition Car from a Wheelspin.

Buy your first car from the Autoshow.

Light the signal fire in the Remnant Valley

Use an entire bar of Force power on a Lightning attack.

Perform a melee kill on 10 enemies anywhere in the campaign

Complete one challenge in the campaign

Earn enough followers to reach Star level

Earn enough followers to reach Famous level

Beat a friend's highlight (best score of a friend)

Beat a rival or a friend’s ghost

Earn enough followers to reach Popular level

Take a picture outside of any photo op just for fun, because it looks good

Change the color of one vehicle in your home

Earn 500 Followers in one Freestyle sequence (Freedrive)

This time we'll be generous! You have completed the 1st Episode of the Live Xtrem Series.

Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds in any offline mode

Obtain Rank C or higher in SCORE ATTACK > SINGLE TRAIN.

Obtain Rank B or higher in SCORE ATTACK > SINGLE TRAIN.

Complete Chapter 2 - Blast from the Past

Complete Chapter 1 - New Faces and Old Enemies

Win your 1st Championship event!

Stop the Nazi signal from Section F

Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair

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Gamerscore:90206 / 522715 (17%)
Achievements:5157 / 23577 (21%)

TheTwistadOne48 needs to unlock 30 more achievements to reach 22%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:99

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