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TheTwistadOne48's Common Achievements

In single-player mode, recruit all 6 squadmates.

Activate the first Remnant vault.

Unlock the power to warp your dreams.

15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping or back-flipping

Complete the Candy Construction Capers World

Paul decided to have faith in Dr. Sofia Amaral.

Watch a show episode with all of the Quantum Ripples unlocked.

Paul chose to concentrate on his personal connection with Jack.

You have completed Act 2 of Quantum Break.

Time Stop five minutes worth of accumulated time.

Locate one Quantum Ripple and one Intel Item.

Paul chose the Hardline path for Monarch Solutions.

You met Beth Wilder, who could've shot you… but didn't.

Own a bank account with 1 million ingame money

Use Core Fusion to increase a stat on any Core

Kill an enemy by Color Matching

Achieve a Gold rating on any Story mission.

Complete TFA Chapter 3 - Niima Outpost

Complete TFA Chapter 1 - Assault On Jakku

Miss your target 10 times in a blaster battle

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