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  • Games Played: 917
  • Achievements: 15600

Registered: 6 May 2017 at 10:51 am

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UKNight0wlGamer's Uncommon Achievements

In Klondike, use 5 or more cards in the waste pile before making another draw.

One thing all Pirate's do share in common, is the first memory of watching a ship sink to the bottom

Beat a level without firing a single shot

Shadow Dancer - Complete the first two stages without using magic

Space Harrier 2 - Reach a score of 5,000,000

A Pirate once said that when you are sinking, playing some music is more helpful than drinking.

Golden Axe 3 - Max out your magic

Sonic 2 - Finish Emerald Hills with 5 lives

One of your survivors met a tragic end.

Unlock access to the Outlander Hero

Improve your Score in any Campaign Mission

Win a match of Starfighter Assault.



Unlock 50 weapon attachments.

Kill 20 or more zombies with one shot while driving the tank.

Won three special matches in Treasure Battle.

Finished the Special Chapter of the main story.

Prove you have the chops to unlock A Class Events at Horizon Hot Wheels

Master a track by earning 3 medals for the first time at Horizon Hot Wheels

Acclimatise yourself and complete your first race at Horizon Hot Wheels

Survive your first drive at Horizon Hot Wheels

Complete the mission "Discoveries".

Complete the mission "Until Ashes".

Complete the mission "The Battle of Jakku".

Complete the mission "Cache Grab".

Complete the mission "Under Covered Skies".

Discover every beauty spot in the game.

Create and complete your first Bucket List Blueprint.

Complete 'Bonnino's Stripclub' without dying once on Normal Mode

Survive the sewer using only your Lupara

Survive the army stronghold without killing any enemies.

Survive The construction site without killing any enemies with weapons.

Kill 20 enemies in the alleystreets, during one run, by kicking them into fire.

Complete the game on hard mode

Complete the game on impossible mode

Survive the river level using only your magnum

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Completed Games:147 / 917 (16%)
Gamerscore:332893 / 784595 (42%)
Achievements:15600 / 34939 (44%)

UKNight0wlGamer needs to unlock 123 more achievements to reach 45%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:944

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