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UKNight0wlGamer 330748

  • Games Played: 909
  • Achievements: 15486

Registered: 6 May 2017 at 10:51 am

Last Scan: 18 Mar 2018 at 01:28 pm

UKNight0wlGamer's Common Achievements

The doctors test passed successfully

He tried to enter the immigration office, but the door was closed

Police test successfully passed

Do not talk about them to doctors

Receive mention in Hero Pop-up in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

Cliffhanger Killer - Kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover

Blue Light Special - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade

Dealt 70+ damage in an air combo. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Performed a floor-breaking move. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Beat Devil Kazumi in an Arcade Battle or a Special Match in Treasure Battle.

Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat 5 times with Rage Art. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Obtained an overall total of 10,000,000G.



Won three times consecutively in Treasure Battle.

Finished 10 Character Episode stories.

Obtained an overall total of 5,000,000G.

Dealt 10 power crushes. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Dealt an overall total of 1,000 damage while in rage mode. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Finished Chapter 8 of the main story.

Triggered 10 screws. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Finished Chapter 1 of the main story.

Achieved a great victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Achieved a perfect victory. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Dealt 10 homing attacks. (Excluding offline VS Battle)

Complete Single Player Story "Kobin's Mansion" on any difficulty

Complete Single Player Story "Merchant's Street Market" on any difficulty

UKNight0wlGamer's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:147 / 909 (16%)
Gamerscore:330748 / 775635 (42%)
Achievements:15486 / 34567 (44%)

UKNight0wlGamer needs to unlock 70 more achievements to reach 45%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:907

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