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v AggressoR x's Rare Achievements

Stopped a true believer from playing with his favorite toy. (Ch. 11)

CARAVAN MODE The score won 2,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE The score won 2,000 points.

Collect a total of 25.000 points worth of coins, emeralds and diamonds.

Enter Photo Mode for the first time

Feed a dolphin fish to have it lead you to treasure

Replay the Floating Garbage mission and beat the score of 50,000.

Ha, ha! I can't believe you fell for that! (Acquire Worst Job in the Kingdom)



Reroute the power inside the factory in the weirdest way possible.

Work with Buck and Sam to create a new weapon.



Put on a robot costume and collect the kill codes.

Weapons design is a tough business.



Find Fiona and Lou, then help them escape by fixing Snackwrap.

Ride a cargo container into the factory.

Find all 12 of Ainsley’s drawings scribbled on city walls.

Anybody can be a movie producer, because nobody knows what they do.

Protect the boat from bombs, mortars, and OD'd.

Light fires big enough to see from space.

Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, and instant death.

Build the "Feel the Burn" weapon for a guy who is stir-crazy... or just crazy.

Deface 40 billboards with graffiti.

Take back Sunset City for the misfit survivors.

Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating.

Complete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating.

Complete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.

Beat the score of 600,000 on the Challenge "Buck Stops Here."

Beat the score of 500,000 on the Challenge "Buck Strikes Back."

Beat the score of 400,000 on the Challenge "Buck National vs The Apocalypse."

Beat Insomniac QA's high score of 534,080 on the Challenge "Buck's Revenge."



Replay any Mission and complete it under par.

Replay the final mission and defeat the boss under par.

Get to the bottom of Fizzco's corporate secrets.

Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.

Eavesdrop on nine conversations by hacking into satellites.

You beat the final Fizzco corporate machine.

Kill 100 enemies by flinging them into danger using the Springboard Trap. 

Upgrade the Overcharge vats at every Fort.

Find all 20 secret sightseeing locations in Sunset City.

You forged the mythical Excalamune.

Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram signs.



Collect all 40 Smartphones.

Hot Air


Collect all 150 Fizzie balloons.



Collect all 150 scraps of toilet paper.

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Completed Games:912 / 1086 (83%)
Gamerscore:933920 / 1003070 (93%)
Achievements:33196 / 36178 (91%)

v AggressoR x needs to unlock 88 more achievements to reach 92%.

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Ultra Rare:2899

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Total time played:171 days 22 hours

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