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wolfheart666 184838

  • Games Played: 536
  • Achievements: 9319

Registered: 22 Apr 2018 at 02:22 am

Last Scan: 18 Mar 2019 at 02:14 pm

wolfheart666's Ultra Rare Achievements

Get 20 Killstreaks with Interceptor ships.



In multiplayer, get 25 headshots with longblaster rifles.

Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or less

Takedown 10 enemies while Endurance is active

Perform Bo' Rai Cho's Drinking special 10 times during a match in the Klassic Tower

Correctly sabotage Clive Birtwhistle's redactor work

Complete a Tower with every character



Win a single complete match with every character variation

Perform a Fatality in a match with every character

Win 5 complete matches with each Robot Type

Win the match with your opponent stepping on Caltrops

Perform a Klassic Fatality in a Klassic skin

Perform the Pit Stage Fatality with Leatherface in the Klassic Tower

Win a match after connecting all attacks from Leatherface's Berserker Stance in the Klassic Tower

Complete the Klassic Tower with one of the Kombat Pack 2 characters

Throw 5 Face Huggers during a match with Alien in the Klassic Tower

Win four fights with the same fighter in a 16-fighter tournament.

Complete story mode on Hard difficulty

Defeat 20 enemies with a brick as Natalia in the main campaign

During "The Plan", kill all of the enemies before entering the tower

Collected all Audio Diaries and Voxophones in Burial at Sea - Episode 2.

In CitC, unlocked all Gallery items.

Defeated all waves in Raven's Dome.

In CitC, killed an enemy with splash damage by shooting a rocket out of the air.

Defeated all waves in Duke and Dimwit Theater.

Defeated all waves in The OPS Zeal.

In CitC, got a kill with each weapon and vigor (except Bucking Bronco).

In CitC, used all eight different vigor combos to deliver the killing blow on an enemy.

In CitC, knock an enemy around the city with Undertow, then knock him off the edge of the city.

Perform one kill with each of the 5 primary Weapon Assignments weapons

Unlock all Codex Entries in Friends in High Places

Complete all challenges in the campaign

Unlock all Codex Entries in Through Mud and Blood

Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty

Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written

Unlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!

Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign

Get 150 kills in successful matches of Survival

Perform a melee kill on a Flametrooper Elite

Defeat both the Millennium Falcon and Slave I

wolfheart666's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:23 / 536 (4%)
Gamerscore:184838 / 549345 (33%)
Achievements:9319 / 24685 (37%)

wolfheart666 needs to unlock 62 more achievements to reach 38%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:151