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Xb0ss 205715

  • Games Played: 673
  • Achievements: 9034

Registered: 12 May 2018 at 05:57 pm

Last Scan: 16 Dec 2019 at 04:25 am

Xb0ss's Common Achievements

Find the legendary teleportation devices of Rivellon!

Reestablish the SHD Satellite Network at the Space Administration HQ.

Shock enemy medics by shooting their defibrillator.

Recover interrogation data from the American History Museum.

Seize control of the ViewPoint Museum from the True Sons.

TV Cop


Perform a slide across the hood of a car.

Rescue Eleanor Sawyer from the Hyenas in the Grand Washington Hotel.

Reach max bonding level with a horse.

Perform a Headshot kill with any bow or rifle on any cultist more than 150m away (Campaign only).

Buy 3 vehicles to populate your garage (Campaign only).

Get to the End (Solo Campaign only).

Save Deputy Pratt (Solo Campaign only).

Save Sheriff Whitehorse (Solo Campaign only).

Run over and kill 20 enemies (Campaign only).

Craft 25 recipes (Campaign only).

Buy all attachments for one weapon (Campaign only).

Save the Marshal from the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).

Destroy a cult water treatment pump and make them thirst for revenge (Solo Campaign only).

Discover the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).

Sucessfully complete the First Trial (Solo Campaign only).

Bait Peaches into going back home (Solo Campaign only).

Put aside skepticism and help Larry (Solo Campaign only).

Who are these people? Speak to 50 citizens of Hope County (Solo Campaign only).

Ensure a baby's safe passage into this world (Solo Campaign only).

Purchase $1000 in clothing (Campaign only).

Save Deputy Hudson (Solo Campaign only).

Trigger the wrath of a Herald (Solo Campaign only).

Perform 25 close combat Takedown Kills (Campaign only).

Follow the clues to the end of 3 treasure hunts (Solo Campaign only).

Complete 3 Side Missions in Hope County (Solo Campaign only).

Be deemed the Sin of Wrath (Solo Campaign only).

Liberate 5 locations from the Project at Eden's Gate (Campaign only).

Fly Nick's plane. Hopefully you're not afraid of heights (Solo Campaign only).

Scavenge an Outpost. You can always reclaim it. Host only.

Complete seven or more quest tutorials.

Upgrade and secure Prosperity. Host only.

Craft 3 weapons. They don't need to look good, they just need to get the job done!



Gather 15 plants growing in Hope County. It's the closest thing to a pharmacy we have nowadays.

Upgrade Prosperity's infrastructure for the first time by investing in the right parts. Host only.



Loot a Highwaymen Supply Drop. Be careful, it won't be unguarded!

Story - Trigger a special conversation sequence.

Recover Grace's prototype gun and welcome her back to Prosperity for good. Host only.

Xb0ss's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:69 / 673 (10%)
Gamerscore:205715 / 751187 (27%)
Achievements:9034 / 31189 (28%)

Xb0ss needs to unlock 11 more achievements to reach 29%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:630