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Yorik007 88153

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  • Games Played: 159
  • Achievements: 4036

Registered: 3 May 2016 at 01:21 pm

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Yorik007's Legendary Achievements

Win your first Bomber Royale match

Clear Gauntlet Mode for the first time.

Found Kyūbi's nine tails and defeated them.

Found Kyūbi's tail and defeated it for the first time in Story Mode.

Cleared the stage "Revenge of the Fox" in Story Mode.

Cleared the stage "Escape from the Mystic Realm" in Story Mode.

Cleared the stage "Rescue of the Mystics" in Story Mode.

Cleared the stage "Showdown at Odawara Castle" in Story Mode.

Cleared the stage "War against the Serpent King" in Story Mode.

Unlocked Yinglong as a playable character.

Cleared the stage "Battle of Itsukushima" in Story Mode.

Maxed out the Bonds with one of the following officers: Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg or Sophitia.

Obtained a Mystic Weapon for the first time.

Cleared the stage "The Imprisonment of Tamamo" in Story Mode.

Unlocked Momiji, Kasumi, Sterkenburg and Sophitia as playable characters.



Punch 20 enemies with a Goliath in Descent.

Hit 18 enemies with a single shot of the LZ-52 Limbo in Carrier.

Survive Chaos Squad in the Robot Factory with at least 2300 Chaos.

Survive Chaos Squad in the Mooil Rig with at least 2000 Chaos.

Rescue a total 20 survivors in Infection.

Ride Chompy for 5 minutes in a single match in Carrier.

Telefrag 50 enemies in a single match in Carrier.



Unlock all 10 Trick Jam skills

Perform an X, Y and B combo within one event

Win all the Stunt Race events



Win all the Trick Jams events

Drift for 2,000 or more feet on any of Trick Jam tracks

Execute 50 Stealth Kills (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).

Destroy 5 Juggernauts (Breakdown Level 5 or Higher).

Collect 150 Resources (Breakdown Level 4 or Higher).

Perform 50 Zombie Executions (Breakdown Level 3 or Higher).

Complete the 'Archangel' Quest

Yorik007's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:52 / 159 (32%)
Gamerscore:88153 / 154230 (57%)
Achievements:4036 / 6598 (61%)

Yorik007 needs to unlock 55 more achievements to reach 62%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:328

Time tracked since:26 Apr 2016 12:00 am
Total time played:27 days 7 hours