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  • Games Played: 619
  • Achievements: 16927

Registered: 22 Nov 2014 at 12:30 am

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Yui Shojei's Uncommon Achievements

Complete any car crusher mission without taking any damage.

Complete level 10 in the tasks "Car Crusher", "Battle in the Stadium" and "Desert Battle".

Complete level 10 in all race tasks.

Complete level 10 in the task "Taxi!".



Complete all the Desert missions.



Complete all the Town missions.

Complete level 10 in the task "Parking Boy".

Complete the "Parking Valet" mission without damaging any cars.

Complete level 10 in the task "World´s cleanest circus".

Complete the "Cleaning The Circus" mission without making King Klong angry.

Enter every open house and building in the game.



Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert for 3 minutes outside of a mission.

Complete level 10 in the task "Too Many Dogs in this Town".

Jump through all the billboards in the game.

Complete all the Suburbs missions.

Complete level 10 in the task "Glipforg Deliveries".

Don't lose any boxes in the "A Job of Little Importance" mission.

Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in the same vehicle outside of a mission.

Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding in the trash cans.

Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60 seconds.

Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.

Drive a car for 3 minutes without collisions.

Complete level 10 in the task "Lawnmower Boy".

Complete "Neera's Garden" without cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.

You've completed this part of your journey… But what does the future hold in store for you?

When solving a puzzle, you used a strange machine without putting out the fire you lit beforehand.

You set off a strange migratory mechanism without being asked to do a thing…

The spirits have given you their blessing… and quite a trip!

When trying to solve a puzzle, open the doors of a ruin with fewer than 20 manipulations.

Tell one of your traveling companions how much you like them three times.

Admit you've wanted to ever since you left Valadilène…

Admit it: you didn't see that one coming…

Your alliance with an automaton and the tribe has let you move mountains… Or a ferry, at any rate.

Receive an old friend's congratulations by helping him before he asks you to.

You've preserved an ally's cultural integrity…

You took the advice of an injured ally.

See beneath the surface to convince a survivor to help you.

When solving a puzzle, start the mechanism you're asked to without stalling a single time.

Prove to the clinic staff that you're right despite everything.

Receive an elected official's moral support.

When solving a puzzle, make a perfect duplicate on the first try.

When solving a puzzle, find what's needed the first time around.

Get rebuffed three times by the same character.

Find out about the region's dark past.

Find 15 points on interest in items in your inventory.

Reach Round 2 of King of the Mountain.

Earn your first star at Blizzard Mountain.

Earn 3 Stars at a single route at Blizzard Mountain.

Yui Shojei's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:356 / 619 (57%)
Gamerscore:367787 / 473430 (77%)
Achievements:16927 / 21175 (79%)

Yui Shojei needs to unlock 13 more achievements to reach 80%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:1361

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:119 days 15 hours

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