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Zotti GER 21295

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  • Games Played: 167
  • Achievements: 1245

Registered: 12 Apr 2014 at 12:33 pm

Last Scan: 25 May 2018 at 04:33 am

Zotti GER's Common Achievements

Choose a specialization for the Wits skill.

Recruit a new survivor to your community.

Switch to a different survivor when you become fatigued.

Deliver a rucksack to your Storage facility.

Secure 5 sites by exploring every room and killing every zombie.

Earn enough standing to promote a recruit to citizen.

Settle a base in the foothills territory.

You caused a commotion while recklessly searching a container.

From the Captain's Table you searched for a hoard, and upon completion you earned the reward.

When you find yourself needing a new direction, turn hard and weigh anchor to plot a correction.

Into a Golden voyage a dagger was struck, but when voyage was completed you proved your luck.

To be a good crewmate is thinking of others, so vote on a voyage from your sister's or brothers.

Even a Pirate wants job recognition, so buy a Promotion to show your position.

Cashing in rewards is always a pleasure, made even better when a number's the measure.

With the Capstan raised and the sails unfurled, "now bring me that horizon!" a Pirate yelled.

The month of June had a legend told, of a Griffin who 'cronched' a Banana and was a sight to behold.

Earn the right to take on two-star assignments.

Escape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs.



Complete the mission "Royalty".

Complete the mission "The Outcasts".

Complete the mission "The Storm".

Complete the mission "The Observatory".

Complete the mission "The Dauntless".

Complete the mission "The Battle of Endor".

Complete the mission "The Cleaner".

Complete two Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)

Complete three Campaign Chapters (any difficulty)

Be part of killing a whole Stormvermin Patrol.

Obtain your first Horizon Edition car.

Perform a quicksub after you concede a goal

Go low!


Score a goal using a low shot

Completely weaken a Racket by killing all of its Enforcers

Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.

Completed the first mission "Amaru's rescue".

Zotti GER's Detailed Stats


Completed Games:3 / 167 (1%)
Gamerscore:21295 / 209155 (10%)
Achievements:1245 / 9103 (13%)

Zotti GER needs to unlock 30 more achievements to reach 14%.

Achievement Rarity

Ultra Rare:14

Time tracked since:15 Apr 2015 12:00 am
Total time played:56 days 1 hour

Zotti GER's Recent Updates

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I unlocked 7 achievements for 120G on Murdered: Soul Suspect.

I unlocked 1 achievement for 5G on Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

I unlocked 1 achievement for 0G on Twitch.

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