Next Borderlands 2 DLC Leaked?

Just days after the first DLC is released

Posted by XeWoN   18th October 2012

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Borderlands 2

Xbox 360

Only two days after Captain Scarlett and Her Pirates' Booty coming out there are rumours about the next piece of DLC for Borderlands 2. Well it appears that a member of Neogaf has spotted the new piece of DLC after a recent update to the PS3 version of the game.

If this update is true then then the next piece of DLC is called Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. It would also be believed that this will also be part of the Season Pass packs that are planned. If you don't have a Season Pass it looks to be another 800 MSP add-on.

Like the Captain Scarlett DLC it would appear that there will be three achievements to unlock:

  • Explosive - Complete the mission "Long Way To The Top".
  • Motorhead - Completed all Campaign of Carnage side missions.
  • Obsessed - Collected 10 pictures of Moxxi in Campaign of Carnage.

  • Nothing has been confirmed and even 2K have not commented on this, but this is actually the same way the first piece of DLC was found so we should expect some news very soon about it.
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