Skyrim 'Dragonburn' DLC introducing dragon mounting

Details found in update files by game fans

Posted by Callumpy   16th October 2012

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According to PC players who have uncovered files in the latest Skyrim update, the new DLC will be called 'Dragonburn'.

The players found multiple references to 'DLC2' and 'Dragonburn' when searching through the filenames in the latest patch. OXM report that the uncovered files also hint at dragon mounting and a return to a Morrowind setting from Elder Scroll's 3.

Another hint to the DLC being called 'Dragonburn' is that Zenimax trademarked the name for use in reference to downloadable games software earlier this year.

Obviously we don't have a release date for this DLC as it has just been discovered by fans, but Xbox 360 and PC players can get their hands on Dawnguard and Heathfire DLC already.
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