Crysis 3 Hunter Edition trailer

Special edition obtained by pre-ordering

Posted by Callumpy   09th November 2012

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Crysis 3

Xbox 360

EA have released a trailer of Crytek's new Crysis 3 Hunter Edition. You can get the special Hunter Edition by simply pre-ordering the game.

Crysis 3 Hunter Edition gives the players "the tools to become the ultimate hunter in multiplayer" according to EA, the publisher of the game.

Hunter Edition can be pre-ordered for around £40/$60 (I will give some links below) and it gives early access to new weapons in the game such as a new signature bow weapon and its attachments, also a Hunter Nanosuit module that adds additional power to the super-suit. Pre-ordering will also get you a bonus XP boost to level five, a unique bow skin and three exclusive dog tags.

On top of that, pre-ordering the game will also get you a download for the original Crysis game on your chosen platform.

Some random retailers that are taking pre-orders:

Amazon - £39.91 - Exclusive Predator Pack pre-order bonus
ShopTo - £37.85
GAME - £39.99
Zavvi - £37.95

Amazon - $59.96
Gamestop - $59.99

Crysis 3 has a confirmed release time of February 2013
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