Earn Microsoft Points by playing Halo 4

Xbox LIVE rewards scheme rewards multiplayer gameplay

Posted by Callumpy   07th November 2012

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Halo 4

Xbox 360

Microsoft are rewarding players who put in time on the new Halo 4 multi-player.

Players who play the game for over 35 hours will get 100 Microsoft Points, over 70 will get 300 Microsoft Points, and 140 hours or more will get 600 Microsoft Points.

You can also get rewards for spending Points on Halo 4 content. Spending 1500 MSP will get you 100 MSP back, and spending 3000 MSP will return you 200 MSP.

They also offer you 800 MSP for spending over 3000 MSP on Halo 4 content and playing over 35 hours of multi-player together.

The offer lasts until the 30th of November and you must be an Xbox LIVE rewards member. You can find the full offer page here.
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