Halo 4 Majestic DLC dated and detailed

New content to be released next week

Posted by Callumpy   21st February 2013

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Halo 4

Xbox 360

343 Industries have confined the next Halo 4 DLC, Majestic Map Pack, will be available from February the 25th.

The DLC will feature three new medium sized maps, designed specifically for close and competitive combat in small team or free for all playlists, and It will also be priced at 800 :msp: or can be downloaded for free by users who have a War Games Map Pass.

A new game-type will also be introduced, called 'Infinity Rumble', which will be exclusive to the Majestic DLC playlist for a short period, allowing players to get ten new achievements worth 250 Gamerscore.

Watch the new trailer below for full DLC details or scroll further down and take a look at our gallery of Majestic DLC images!

  • Landfall: A shining city under attack - The world of Tribute is now a graveyard, but its capital was once a bright beacon of commerce among the inner colonies. Fight in the corridors and courtyards of Casbah's port authority buildings, but don't stand still too long. Perfect for Infinity Slayer, this small to midsize asymmetrical map offers interiors with sparse cover, which encourages close-range combat, while the exteriors offer long lines of sight to stalk your opponents. Awesome jump routes let players spring around the outside of the map, incidentally offering a perfect view of the city as it is razed by the Covenant's brutal assault.
  • Monolith: Adrift in a forgotten asteroid belt - This monument and many like it were built by the Forerunners after their final victory over the ancient humans. This small map has central man-cannons, short corridors, almost no cover, and open sightlines which make the location great for a mixture of close and mid-range battle. Monolith harkens back to more classic "Halo" arena-based maps, and its symmetry lends nicely to objective-based modes like Capture the Flag. Monolith is an open battlefield; wherever you look, you will witness the ferocious action that only a small and open map can provide.
  • Skyline: Combat analysts agree - The rooftop terrain on this new space tether construction site is an ideal training environment for close-quarters infantry combat. This map, perched high above the sights of reconstruction in Cascade's capital city, is small and symmetrical, perfect for Regicide with a mixture of high and low spaces and plenty of cover. Don't think cover means you're safe, however - this map holds explosive fuel cells that can and will wreak havoc in Skyline's confined spaces, not to mention the long, long drop if you misstep.
  • New Game Type: Infinity Rumble - Halo 4's new game type, Infinity Rumble, is exclusive for a limited time to Majestic Map Pack owners and brings a few new twists to the War Games experience. It is a free-for-all game type where you can earn personal ordnance; all special medal and style kills help you earn ordnance faster, and you can also earn assists off of enemy players for even more medal points. You must carefully conserve and use your ordnance at just the right moment, or combine power-ups with power weapons in the race to be first. Every kill, and every death counts in Infinity Rumble, and this is reflected with a slower spawn time in the free-for-all matches.

  • New playlists to the War Games experience:
  • Majestic FFA DLC (8 players): Majestic FFA is an incredibly intense free-for-all playlist. Players are all alone in this playlist with seven others, vying for first place!
  • Majestic Team DLC (4 vs. 4): Majestic Team DLC is a 4 vs. 4 playlist that focuses on both team play and tight objective combat.
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