New Tomber Raider trailer and movie announced

An extended look into the TV Commercial trailer and a new movie

Posted by XeWoN   06th March 2013

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Tomb Raider

Xbox 360

With the new Tomb Raider game launching worldwide yesterday, Square Enix have released a new trailer for the game.

The trailer shows us an extended look at the game's TV commercial and how the game has changed a lot in the reboot of the game. Although the game has gone through a reboot the trailer shows us Ms Croft is still raiding tombs just like before but shows us that is she is more scared than usual. This is more than likely because this is near the start of her career where she is only 21 years old and not used to any of this yet.

Early yesterday morning it was also announced that Crystal Dynamics, the developers of the game are working with the production company GK FIlms to develop a new Tomb Raider movie. GK Films are known for the films "The Departed", "Rango" and "Hugo" which have all been theaters in the past couple of years and have claimed high ratings.
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