Tomb Raider gets it's first multiplayer map pack on March 19

Timed exclusive downloadable content for the Xbox

Posted by XeWoN   07th March 2013

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Tomb Raider

Xbox 360

Crystal Dynaics have announced that the first piece of downloadable content for the new Tomb Raider game will be a multiplayer map pack

We would have hoped that the first piece of downloadable content would be more puzzles or tombs but after spending nearly ten hours of the single player and still yet to complete it we can wait a little longer. The firest map pack is title "Caves and Cliffs" and will feature the maps: Scavenger Caverns, Cliff Shantytown and The Burning Village.

Caves and Cliffs map pack is set to release on March 19th and will set you back 400 MSP. Only two weeks after the game has been released.
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