Borderlands 2 Character DLC: Krieg the Psycho video

Take a look at the sixth character for Borderlands 2

Posted by Callumpy   11th May 2013

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Borderlands 2

Xbox 360

New footage of the next Borderlands 2 character DLC has been released to show off Krieg the Psycho who will be available to play next week.

Krieg is the 6 character in the game and is based on the Psycho enemies that you will have already seen in the game. You will be able to purchase him for 800:msp: from the 14th of May.

When playing as the psycho you will be rewarded for doing psycho high-risk things such as running into a crowd of enemies and you will also be able to gain health while attacking, along with many more cool features. Take a look at the video below to see Krieg in action.

The fourth DLC for Borderlands 2, 'Tiny Tina's Assault', has been confirmed by Gearbox for release on the 25th of June and should be the final expansion for the game.
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