[Updated] Fable 3 is Currently Free on the Xbox Marketplace

Bug or no bug, 100% off is always good.

Posted by XeWoN   10th June 2013

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Update: After doing some additional research into this we have found that you need to be a Gold Member on Xbox Live and you must try to download the game from the Xbox Marketplace. It works for both US and UK Members. If you find that it is saying $19.99/£29.99 then you need to change the payment option to use Microsoft Points and then it should be free.

Lionhead's third game in the Fable franchise is currently free on the Xbox Dashboad.

The game was first released in October 2010 and has sold over 3 million copies. You play the role of the King's brother in the world of Albion and you set out to rise up and take the thrown from your brother to improve Albion's way of life. There are many hard decisions on your path to becoming the King.

It appears that the offer is only available to Gold Members and you may find that you have to select the "Use Microsoft Points" option to get the game for free. We are not sure if this is an error or if the game is going to be free forever, so we recommend that you download the game now.
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