Games with Gold: August 16th - Dead Rising 2

Xbox LIVE Gold Members can pick up these 2 titles for free from today!

Posted by Callumpy   16th August 2013

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Dead Rising 2

Xbox 360

From today, the 16th of August, Xbox LIVE Gold Members can get not just one game, but two for free! They are Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Case Zero.

Unfortunately Crackdown will no longer be available for free on the marketplace, so if you didn't get the chance to grab it, its too late now. Make sure you head over to the marketplace sometime before the end of August to get your free copy of Dead Rising 2.

For those of you that are new to Dead Rising 2, basically you are stuck in a shopping mall similar to the first Dead Rising, but it's also a supercasino and theme park as it is so large. You will be accompanied by your daughter who is infected, some other survivors who you are able to rescue, some psychopaths, and of course a mall full of zombies.

It appears whilst Dead Rising 2 is on sale, Capcom have lowered the price of some of the DLC for the game, take a look below.

Dead Rising 2

Sale itemWasNowSavings
Dead Rising 2£19.99Free100%
Skills Pack - Ninja160:msp:80:msp:50%
Skills Pack - Sports Fan160:msp:80:msp:50%
Skills Pack - Soldier160:msp:80:msp:50%
Skills Pack - Psycho160:msp:80:msp:50%

Dead Rising: Case Zero

Sale itemWasNowSavings
Dead Rising: Case Zero400:msp:Free100%

    News Manager Bytyqi 16 Aug 2013 07:52 pm

    Free is always good. Will definitely download the free stuff, hehe

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