Halo 4 Champions DLC out today with launch trailer

See the new spartan armour and gun armour available in the new DLC

Posted by Callumpy   20th August 2013

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Halo 4

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Microsoft have released a brand new trailer to show off the new content you will receive in the Halo 4 Champions Bundle DLC, which can be obtained off the Xbox Marketplace from today!

The Bundle will include three different packs titled: 'Bullseye', 'Steel Skin', and 'Infinity Armor'.

The 'Bullseye' pack will include two new multiplayer maps ('Pitfall' and 'Vertigo'), a new competitive gravball game-type called Ricochet, and a Spartan armour based on the new game type.

NEW Game Type – Ricochet: For nearly a century, gravball competitions have held sway over most competitive sports across the breadth of human-occupied space. Historically, UNSC drill instructors have utilized a variant called Ricochet, where fast-paced combat simulations occur in synch with the classic, frenetic scoring competition. Spartan-IVs aboard Infinity have adopted this format recently in the ship's impressive combat decks, incorporating a number of adjustments within the War Games simulations in order to effectively hone their skills. Protect your team's goal and score in the other team's goal. Running the ball into the goal earns you 50 points, while throwing the ball into the goal gets you 20 points. First team to 150 points wins.

The 'Infinity Armor' pack surprisingly will just contain armour and includes the 'Mark V' armour from Halo: Combat Evolved, the armour worn by the OSDTs, and a hybrid Forerunner armour system.

Lastly, the 'Steel Skin' pack will bring a 'steampunk style' to ten UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weapons with brand new paint jobs.

All of these packs will be available separately, the 'Bullseye' pack will be priced at 480:msp:, and the other two will be 240:msp: each. They will be also available as a bundle for 800:msp:, costing you an extra 40:msp: than buying them separately (Wait, what‽ There are some extra armour mods in here and you also need the bundle to unlock the achievements!).

Also, the Ricochet game-type will be exclusive to gamers who buy the Bundle for two weeks before going on general release.

Source: Press Release
Via: Joystiq

    Administrator Stealth David 20 Aug 2013 04:46 pm

    Easy achievements just got my 2000g

      Administrator Callumpy 20 Aug 2013 04:48 pm

      Easy achievements just got my 2000gStealth David

      Nice, i'll probably get them all tomorrow then when I play it.

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