Two achievements available again in Kane and Lynch Dead Men

Go finish off that completion!

Posted by Bytyqi   29th August 2013

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Two achievements in Kane and Kynch Dead Men previouvly unobtainable due to a couple of folks "blocking" the leaderboard, will now become much easier and for once, possible to unlock.

One of our community members, kliqimb started a thread, hoping that these achievements would become obtainable again. The hopes were minimal. But did the community lose hope? Not for a second! Countless of messages were sent it to the team behind Kane and Lynch by many communities around the world, and now, here we stand, with two achievements coming back to life on the first of October.

Prepare your game, whether you've had it but never started it, or are just missing these two achievements, because on October 1st, 2013 at 1AM PDT / 9AM CET the leaderboard will be reset. Mark that on your calendar, and maybe you can be the first to get hold of either the "Celebrity" achievement, or the "True Elite" one? We're still unsure how often IOI decides to reset the leaderboards, but we're hoping that it will happen, and it if does, that it's very frequent, giving as many people as possible the chance to unlock this sought after achievements.

This proves what the members of the community are capable of doing. If there's anything we're not satisfied with, we can always make our voices heard. It does not mean that it will always go through, though. But in some rare cases, like this one, we made it happen! That's +1 to the members of the community.

    Site Moderator Theo Boots 10 Sep 2013 06:50 am

    This is just great news. Even though I do not have this game myself. It is good to read how my fellow-gamers have been helped out.

      Boo Hoo Ghost 26 Aug 2015 08:39 pm

      I got the achievements yesterday!!!

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