Week 2: Game of the Weak: Prey

Rescues and killing is up next!

Posted by Bytyqi   16th August 2013

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Xbox 360

Last week, I wrote about Bodycount. A game that doesn't fit in many collections, but after my article, I hope it does! This week, I'm doing Prey.

Prey is a game that was published on the 11th of July, 2006 by 2K Games. The game was developed by Venom Games and is a first-person shooter.

The Single-player starts off very softly. You're in a bar with your girlfriend while ignoring the preaching by your grandfather. While roaming around there two guys decides to hit on the bartender, which is also your girlfriend. You get into a fight with them and of course you end up knocking them out. One might think that it's all over, but then the entire bar starts shaking and you're like: "What the phaack". Your girlfriend and grandfather will be taken alive by what appears to be aliens. The journey starts here to get them back, at all costs.

The game is packed with puzzles that sometimes can make you pull your hair. With the Spirit Walk you can take out enemies with the Spirit Bow, making this game way more fun to play, although you won't really find yourself using it as the game itself is very easy, on any difficulty.

There is no way you can die, either. Well, there is, but when you do, you'll get teleported to this round platform, only wielding your Spirit Bow and having, what appears to be, angels and demons flying around. Shoot these flying creatures to gain enough health to get thrown right back to where you died. The only difference between Normal and Cherokee is that on Cherokee difficulty you get no health pods (think med-kits), and that it does appear that you lose health a bit faster when you're hurt.

Graphics: What can you expect from a 7 year old game? The graphics are decent considering the game's age. While combined with the amazing environment, I must say this game does look pretty good.

Achievements: Very easy achievements. The most part are achieved by completing every chapter in the game, and completing the game twice (on two separate difficulties). Then there are a couple where you have to play mini-games on the very first level. These are missable as there's a chance that you may miss these arcades in the bar.

Multiplayer: The Multiplayer is fun. The gameplay would definitely be awesome if you could get around 7 friends running around and shooting each other with acid shotguns (I know, awesomesauce!) The Multiplayer achievements are not hard but may prove to be difficult as the community is totally dead. These achievements are easily obtained with only one additional player. Choose that one level, meet up inside of the bar, and kill each other while going for all the weapon-related achievements. Not hard, and quite amusing seeing all the different and unique weapons this game has to offer, like using crawlers as grenades. How awesome isn't that!

There we have it, guys. A sweet game with a pretty interesting story line that you can pick up for a very small fee. Let me know if you decide to pick it up, and whether you liked it or not!

    II N0 Scope45 I 16 Aug 2013 10:10 pm

    I liked this game, I thought it was pretty fun

      Administrator Stealth David 16 Aug 2013 10:19 pm

      Yeah not a bad game second play through sucked

        Site Moderator n1ckKz 17 Aug 2013 03:33 am

        Haha, this is my game this week, i'm doing the MP for it in the next few days, thanks for the inspiration Don.

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