Week 4: Game of the Weak: Rogue Warrior

A highly trained soldier... with Tourettes.

Posted by Bytyqi   30th August 2013

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Rogue Warrior

Xbox 360

In this week's GotW I have Rogue Warrior prepared for you guys.

Rogue Warrior is a game that was published on the 27th of November, 2009 by Bethesda Softworks. The game was developed by Rebellion and is a first-person shooter.

"Dick" Marcinko is stuck being the enemy lines in North Korea taking part in a mission that requires him to check out the threat that is posed by the country's nuclear weapons. The mechanics are great in the game. The gameplay is very well made and I didn't encounter any problems while playing it. You progress from place to place, taking on waves of Korean enemies and hearing your character swear.

The character in the game was actually an real life Marine, but that now is retired. He goes by the name of Richard "Dick" Marcinko. Marcinko was very successful in his military life, taking part in many conflicts. Although the game has received shitty rating such as "too many bugs, shallow gameplay and that the AI was poor", I must say that I didn't encounter any of these. The gameplay was very short, though, which was a bit of a disappointment for me.

The game includes many cool, but casual weapons that can be used. Another really cool this is that you can use "Kills moves" on enemies when you're near them. This works with or without their attention, which sometimes is displayed wrong. Say they are shooting at you, and you run up to them and then try to execute a kill move, then animation shows the enemy unaware of that you are there, which can be considered as a bad thing. Using cover and then leaning out of them you can play in third-person, but this is only accessible while you're in cover. Otherwise the game is good with a lot of bad words said by our protagonist. I personally had many laughs playing this. Especially because I was forced to play this game three times! (More on this in the Achievement section).

Graphics: Dark and mysterious areas is what this game can be described as. Using the environment to kill your enemies is another thing that works perfectly fine, and it looks good too. The "Kill moves" looks awesome when they are executed correctly. There are a number of different ones, depending on if your enemy is laying down, near a wall, window, etc. The game is mainly a "stealth" game, and with this graphic you can really feel very stealthy yourself. Considering this game is 4 years old, that's a positive thing.

Achievements: The achievements are kind of classic. Kill this amount of enemies in a certain way, complete the game in this difficulty, and of course, multiplayer achievements. What I did, was I replayed the first level over and over until I had most of the miscellaneous achievements. Then you need to complete the game three times to get all the difficulty related achievements. They do not stack, unfortunately. The achievement for completing the game on the easiest difficulty is actually named after the real Richard "Dick" Marcinko's nickname "The Geek". The online achievements will probably require boosting as the community is dead and the achievements could prove to be difficult.


Multiplayer: Poor multiplayer that only envolves Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch. But it's still fun to play with others and experience the online part of the game. Not so much more to say about it.

And that's it for Rogue Warrior. A game with huge potential that is good, but that many people never cared about.

    CDonns 31 Aug 2013 02:49 pm

    I enjoyed this game while I had it until I broke the disk because my save went corrupt.

      Site Moderator n1ckKz 2 Sep 2013 04:21 pm

      That's a bit childish to be honest... xD

        Nomstuff 4 Sep 2013 02:07 pm

        I always get this confused with an old xbox game with a similar name.

          WeisGuy9 5 Sep 2013 12:56 am

          Are you kidding me? This game was utterly awful, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. PS1 graphics, riddled with bugs and glitches, non-existent AI, short, boring campaign, terrible MP, no story, and dialogue written by a foul-mouthed 12-year-old. If I was the real Dick Marcinko, I'd have had my name removed from this piece of crap.

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