Grand Theft Auto V Maps leaked

Much bigger than Liberty City, and a lot plenty of open space.

Posted by Callumpy   10th September 2013

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Maps for the soon to be released title, Grand Theft Auto V, have been leaked on Imgur.

The map shows the game\'s playable area that includes the city of \'Los Santos\' and quite a lot of rural area known as the \'Blaine County\'. The leaks appear to be camera images taken of either GTA\'s strategy guide or from a map in the game\'s case as you can see black fading around the edges.

There is also another image that was found on Imgur that shows the new map with the old \'Liberty City\' map overlayed on top to help you to see how much larger the new map is. The new map itself is much larger than in previous games, but quite a lot of it appears to just be open fields and mountains with wavy roads running through it, so in the end maybe there isn\'t actually that big a difference.

Take a look below at the two images, you can click on each on to see a larger version.

Grand Theft Auto V is to be released on the 17th of September for Xbox 360, there is no mention of an Xbox One release currently.

    Site Moderator Theo Boots 30 Sep 2013 10:09 am

    These maps remind me of Test Drive Unlimited

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