Rockstar release 'LifeInvader' parody social network for GTA V

Some interesting profiles show off in game 'Legendary Motorsport' cars.

Posted by Callumpy   12th September 2013

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Rockstar have released a parody social networking site, similar to websites seen in GTA IV, and it is titled \'LifeInvader\'.

When you visit the domain name \'\', it currently appears to land you on a random profile page of one of the in game companies where you can see pretend posts, information and images from them. There are also special offers for \"Stalking\" the companies on the social networking site, such as a 10% discount for stalking \'Legendary Motorsport\'.

The parody network also appears to show off some new in-game features for GTA V such as new vehicles available from \'Legendary Motorsport\' and some of the new customisation options available from \'Los Santos Customs\'. Take a look at the selection of images below taken from the profile pages.

Head over to LifeInvader and take a look around, maybe even stalk the different companies as it may have an effect on your GTA V gameplay.

You may also be interested in the map leaks we posted just 2 days ago, they show off just how large the new game is going to be and detail some of the places you can visit during gameplay.

GTA V is confirmed for launch in the US and Europe on the 17th of September for Xbox 360. The game will launch in Japan much later on October the 10th.

    Site Moderator Theo Boots 29 Sep 2013 04:50 pm

    nice find callumpy.

    The webpage for \"Warstock Cache & Carry\" brought back some memories.
    I remembered playing Vice City and driving a tank.
    I would drive the tank and aim the cannon backwards.
    The recoil of the cannon would increase my tank\'s speed.
    The whole experience was just undescribable.

    Post last edited 29 Sep 2013 05:33 pm by Theo Boots.

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