Week 5: Game of the Weak: Dark Sector

Infected, in a good way!

Posted by Bytyqi   06th September 2013

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Dark Sector

Xbox 360

Coming up on this week's GotW, we have got Dark Sector.

Dark Sector is a game that was published on the 25th of March, 2009 by D3Publisher. The game was developed by Digital Extremes and is a Third Person Shooter.

Set in a fictional country called Lasria, our CIA operative Hayden Tenno arrives to Lasria with one objective only; take out Mezner and get out of there. Instead things go a bit south and after quite some gameplay, Hayden is left with a mutated wound in his arm caused by one of Mezner's men.

The game picks up very fast after that. The player is introduced to the "glaive". Over the course of gaming I've seen many cool and unique weapons like the chainsaw gun in Gears of War, but this was something special. There are multiple ways to use it. Combine it with fire, ice or why not just charge it really much so that it chops multiple heads at a time?

Graphics: OK graphics. Environment could be a lot better, but I wouldn't say they ruin the game. Instead I'm going to say that the game would look better with enhanced graphics. Animations that show up when you pull of certain things are awesome, though. There's also small chances that you could occur some minor bugs and glitches, but it's rare and it won't really ruin the gameplay.

Achievements: For experienced gamers, the achievement list won't be something new. Achievements are awarded for killing a number of enemies in certain ways with your glavie (the glaive plays a huge role in the game!) and for completing each chapter.

Then there are the achievements for completing the game on any difficulty and on "Brutal" difficulty. "Brutal" is unlocked once you've completed the game on Normal difficulty. Many people consider the "Brutal" difficulty to be quite difficulty. Personally I started that difficulty right away once I was done with Normal difficulty. Managed to complete it in a couple of hours. It is harder than Normal, no doubt, but not Call-of-Duty-2/3-Veteran-campaign-difficult. My advice is to rush as often as you can. It will save a lot of time and won't be as frustrating as it may come to be.

The Multiplayer achievements are really grindy, so if you're going for completion, please, look over the achievements and what they really require before you decide to start it. In combination with bad online, this isn't really promising.

Multiplayer: Let me start off by saying that the Multiplayer sucks for this. Two game modes are available: Infected and Epidemic.

In Infected everyone on the map are normal soldiers, except for one lucky person. That person is "infected" and has pretty much all the super powers you get from the campaign. It's everyone's job to cooporate and take down the infected player. The person that succeeds in killing the infected will replace them in the next round. The game goes on either until the time runs out or until the score limit has been reached.

In Epidemic we encounter pretty much the same thing as in Infected, only this time, we got an infected player in each of the two teams. Points are awarded for killing the opponent's infected player. As you can see it is much fun to be the infected player, while being the normal soldier running around, is not the gameplay you were hoping for.

The top online achievements are for reaching 2000 points in each of the game mode. This may sound like a piece of cake and that the gameplay may sound fun, but it's not. You will HAVE to boost this as the online community has left a long time ago. So if you've really thought this over, grab your boost group (if you have one) or your friends and start playing!

That's it, fellas. A game with an incredible story but not the best online experience out there. See you next week!

    Administrator Stealth David 6 Sep 2013 11:00 pm

    One of my favorite games on the 360 people should really give it a chance

      WeisGuy9 8 Sep 2013 01:26 am

      I actually enjoyed this game quite a bit, but you're right. The MP sucks ass.

        Site Moderator n1ckKz 8 Sep 2013 01:05 pm

        To be honest, i'm gonna play this. I've heard so many good reviews about the SP.

          Nomstuff 8 Sep 2013 03:04 pm

          I liked the bit of this game that I played.

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