Week 6: Game of the Weak: NeverDead

Dismemberment at it's best!

Posted by Bytyqi   13th September 2013

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Xbox 360

NeverDead is up on this week's GotW.

NeverDead is a game that was published on the 3rd of February, 2012 by Konami. The game was developed by Rebellion and is a Third Person Shooter.

You play as the immortal guy, Bryce and will be sent on different missions that are threatened by demons. The game uses a very fun way of jokes, such as when your character loses his arm, he proceeds to shout: "I need a hand, literally."

The game does indeed get tougher as you proceed with new enemies and tougher waves of them. Luckily the game comes in three difficulties, so choose the one that suits you best. I can say that even the easiest difficulty, the "easy" difficulty can prove to be quite painful if you don't know what you're doing.

Collectibles will be all over you, if you're an achievement hunter, that is. 11 on each level. 10 pieces of what seems to be gold, and 1 basketball hoop that you need to toss your head through. I know, awesome. Speaking of detaching your head, you can do this at any point. You do need to have all pieces on your body to do so though. Even your arms are detachable. Equip a weapon, toss that arm and press the corresponding for a lethal combination. Bullets will fly all over the place from the tossed arm!

Graphics: I love the graphics for this. Then again, it's no surprise, since Konami are behind this game. Great environments really boosts the game and makes it look stunning. At moments such as when your Bryce gets his entire body blown up and all the limbs just flies all over the place, it really makes the game look good.

Achievements: Not a game for those that are after easy achievements. The achievements will require much effort, such as gathering collectibles, managing in specific ways through the courses of the levels or killing the enemies in different and fatal ways. Then we also have the casual achievements such as completing each chapter and completing the game in the game's three difficulties. The difficulties DO stack, so completing the game on the hardest from the start will net you all those achievements, but as I said before, even "Easy" difficulty can prove to be hard, so I strongly recommend that you first play the game on the easiest to get a feel of the game, while you mop up the collectibles and the "kill X amount of enemies..."

Multiplayer: The Multiplayer for this can prove to be pretty hard. Two players are required to start up a match, but if you're going for completion, I'd say it's close to impossible to do it with less than 4 players (which is also the maximum allowed). You get one medal of every level you beat, on each difficulty.

One of the game modes is the so called Fragile Alliance. Here you must collect circles in the matches. Every circle you collect, you gain 1 point. There are two types of circles. Small ones, and big ones. The small ones, you can just pick up, while the bigger ones, you have to secure. This means that there can't be any enemies inside these circles when you're trying to secure them. The timer will stop when the enemies are inside. The best thing to do is to have a great team, and have them cover you while attempt this.

Then we have something called Egg Hunt. Eggs that are scattered around the map needs to be returned to specific place. the first one who returns a specific amount, wins.

Onslaught is another of the modes. What you basically need to do is kill enemies in certain time limits, a little bit like a "waves".

Last mode is Search and Rescue. You must work together with your team to save the civilians. I'm not gonna lie, this is really hard. Hopefully you'll get the hang of this game by the time you get to this mode, so that'll make things a bit easier for you.

NeverDead, guys! A really unique game, and fun too! Very challenging, though, so if you're a completionist, think twice before starting this!

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    I'd like to play this...

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