Rockstar announces free $500,000 in Grand Theft Auto V

Low on cash? Not for much longer!

Posted by Bytyqi   11th October 2013

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Online players in GTA V will receive a major bonus.

Due to technical difficulties that some players experienced during the release of GTA V Online, Rockstar announced through an article posted on their site that they are now giving out $500,000 to everyone who've played, or will be playing GTA V this month. Once they've fixed the issue that's causing players to lose their characters, game progress or getting the cloud error notification, they'll start giving out the moolah. This should, hopefully, accur sometimes during the upcoming week, according to the article. The cash will be made through two deposits, and will consist of $250,000 each.

To qualify for this free money, you will need to play, or have played during this month (October 2013) and install the upcoming patch, that will fix some more bugs as well as activate this half a million treasure.

    Administrator Stealth David 12 Oct 2013 03:15 pm

    Sweet will be nice once I start the online

      Administrator Callumpy 13 Oct 2013 04:37 pm

      Rockstar suck big time. I lost a couple of my characters and i'm not sure how $500k in-game is going to help anyone.

      Not everyone just cares about the money, it's rank that matters.

      Also annoyingly, people who didn't even get affected by any of the issues also get 500k, which is just not fair really.

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