'Countdown to 2014' Daily Deals - Day 12's deals

Up to 75% off on Trials, Trials DLC and Rayman Legends.

Posted by Manic Ado   28th December 2013

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Trials Evolution

Xbox Live Arcade

Day 12 of the 'Countdown to 2014' daily deals on Xbox LIVE!

Today the deals are themed around Trials Evolution, Trials HD and it's DLC.
There will be many occasions for trial and errors. (See what I did there)
The other surpise game on sale is Rayman Legends.

As usual, make sure you don't forget to buy them as today is your only chance to get them at the discounted price.

Sale itemContent TypeDiscount
Trials HD (Xbox Store)Arcade75%
Trials HD Big PackAdd-on75%
Trials HD Big ThrillsAdd-on75%
Trials Evolution (Xbox Store)Arcade67%
Trials Evolution: Origin of PainAdd-on67%
Rayman Legends (Xbox Store)Games on Demand50%

In addition to the daily deals, all of the items below will be on sale until the 31st of December:

Sale itemContent TypeDiscount
The Wolf Among UsArcadeFREE
Diablo IIIGames on Demand33%
Grand Theft Auto VGames on Demand33%
NCAA Football 14Games on Demand75%
Madden NFL 25Games on Demand50%
BullyGames on Demand75%
SSXGames on Demand75%
Civilization RevolutionGames on Demand75%
Kane & Lynch Dead MenGames on Demand75%
Turbo Super Stunt SquadGames on Demand50%
Hitman AbsolutionGames on Demand60%
Fight Night ChampionGames on Demand75%
Midnight Club LAGames on Demand75%
Mini NinjasGames on Demand75%
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsArcade50%
Charlie MurderArcade67%
Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsArcade67%
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arcade67%
Gotham City ImpostorsArcade75%
I Am AliveArcade75%
DuckTales: RemasteredArcade50%
Foul PlayArcade50%
Orc AttackArcade50%
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