Trials Fusion Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox 360

The Trials are completely enhanced!

Posted by Bytyqi   17th April 2014

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Trials Fusion

Xbox Live Arcade

What started as a simple Arcade game is now expanding into something more beautiful. This is Trials Fusion, and it looks stunning.

Do you guys remember when back in 2009 Trials HD was released? Everyone went nuts over how fantastic it was. Three years later Trials Evolution was released and the positive feedback just kept streaming in. Two games to enjoy on the Xbox is nice, but how long does it take before it bores us? It took me about a year and the franchise was left alone... until now. A third game has now been added to the Trials series, making it a trilogy. Trials Fusion is now available on Xbox 360 (Xbox Store) and Xbox One (Xbox Store).

Welcome to the next generation of Trials! With its glimmering vision of what our future holds were technology and nature to co-exist, combined with today’s most exciting and popular motorsport, Trials Fusion has retained and enhanced the essential features from its best-selling, critically acclaimed predecessors, Trials Evolution and Trials HD. A magnificent fusion of the proven, no-frills Trials formula based on ultra-addictive competition with the cutting edge of graphics and social networking.

What is your thoughts about this game? Will you be picking it up for your 360 or One? Or both for the sake of Gamerscore? Share in the comments below!

    FEAR EPIDEMIC 22 Apr 2014 01:44 am

    After I finish the other two I will get this. Game looks good though. I might get it on both systems.

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