Trials Fusion 'Riders of the Rustlands' DLC headed our way

The first batch of DLC comes out July 29th

Posted by a44Special   04th July 2014

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Trials Fusion

Xbox Live Arcade

Trials Fusion is set to receive its first piece of DLC later this month, as the Riders of Rustlands pack gears up for launch, adding new tracks, challenges and Track Editor items. It'll be the first part of content available to download as part of the Trials Fusion Season Pass.

Riders of the Rustlands will add 6 classic Trials tracks, 2 new Supercross tracks for local multiplayer, one new Skill Game called 'Laws of Motion', a new FMX track called ' The Gauntlet, and 18 new Track Challenges.There'll also be dozens of new Track Editor objects, such as a steel pipe set, wooden ramp set, and computer mainframes. This DLC will also add five new achievements.

The "Riders of the Rustlands" DLC for Trials Fusion will release on July 29th and will be available for free for those who own the Season Pass, or for $4.99
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