Vostok Inc. Review

Let's blast some ships and build some factories!

Posted by B1ueSeptember   01st August 2017

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Vostok Inc.

Xbox One

Vostok Inc. is a new title from Nosebleed Interactive and BadLand Indie, a 2-D space combat game with a resource management twist. The combat system is reminiscent of golden oldies like Galaga, Asteroids, and Centipede, but you also have a myriad of upgrades that keep you raking in the cash. You travel from planet to planet through the solar system, building money-making facilities everywhere you go. Think of it as Asteroids meets Monopoly. As unlikely a combination as that seems, it makes for a surprisingly engaging and addictive experience.

As the game begins, you are the unnamed CEO of Vostok, Inc., a budding intergalactic corporation dealing in all manner of goods and services. As such, you fly through space in your ship, battling enemies (usually the original residents of the galaxy), crushing asteroids, and building on every planet you visit, leaving behind you a moolah-churning machine. Moolah, the game’s currency, is both your goal and your primary resource. Everything in the game is geared toward piling up as much moolah as you can as quickly as possible.

You’ll spend most of your time out in space. You can explore to find new worlds to build on, find managers, break asteroids to collect moolah, and battle enemies, both to stay alive and to collect moolah upon their defeat. Battle is a simple dual-stick affair very similar to Asteroids with the twist that you can upgrade your ship with a wide array of weapons. Also in space is Mother Base, your base of operations where you can purchase numerous upgrades, such as weapons and HUD elements, repair and restore your ship, or just wait safely while the moolah climbs. When you’ve made enough money, the galaxy’s boss will spawn. Defeating the boss will grant a substantial cash reward, as well as make a wormhole to the next solar system available for purchase. You can return to any “conquered” galaxy as often as you wish.

Your number one goal in the game is to farm money, and planets are your main money-makers. The developers have made the process very easy. You visit each planet in a galaxy one by one, building ever-more expensive industries to leave behind and rake in the dough. Building is instantaneous; you’re limited only by how much money you have as you begin.

What’s really ingenious about the game (and kind of scary really) is that the more and more money you have, the more and more you feel like it isn’t enough. Even if you’re generating hundreds of millions every second (I’m not exaggerating with that number), it still feels very slow because your counter and spending will be in the hundreds of billions, trillions, even quadrillions, leading you on to always want that next planet, that next enemy, that next bundle of moolah. It’s rather remarkable how you turn into a greedy corporate capitalist as you play.

The graphics are very old-school, much in keeping with the retro feel of the old games mentioned earlier. Jimmy, your faithful right-hand man, constantly throws in tidbits of cheesy humor as he keeps you abreast of how your investments are doing. You’ll also pick up middle managers and executives in space; these each provide a bonus of some kind to your earnings. The executives unlock mini-games, as well, that are very much like old-school arcade titles or simple phone games. Cave Chopper, for instance, is a thinly disguised version of Flappy Bird.

But is it really fun? Oh, yes, it really is. Again, as you watch your fortune rise literally into the septillions, you’ll find yourself addicted to making more and even more moolah.

The achievements in the game are in keeping with the game’s theme of making money, and most of them will be picked up naturally along the way. You earn achievements for building a certain number of facilities, for earning a certain amount of money per second, for killing bosses, for building on every planet. Others require you to earn a certain score on each of the mini-games or try each of the luxury yachts in the game.

All in all, Volstok Inc. is a simple game built on a simple premise with a simple battle system that soon becomes totally addictive. The retro-style title will bring back fond memories of classic arcade titles like Asteroids or Centipede while bringing your inner Wolf of Wall Street roaring to life. Any fan of the dual-stick shooter should definitely give this one a try.

Score: 9 out of 10

Release Date: July 27, 2017
Platform: Xbox One

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