One Eyed Kutkh Review

Published by Stealth David

Posted by Stealth David   14th March 2018

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One Eyed Kutkh

Xbox One

The first thing that comes to mind when playing One Eyed Kutkh is to think: What a strange game. A meaningless nonsense, its graphics reminiscent of the old drawings of your parents, where a kind of pink alien travels through space back home with his spaceship. Soon the flying saucer will start to fail, so it must accidentally land on a strange planet shaped like a tree. 

Your mission will be to recover the gears of the ship to return to your beloved planet, for this, you must explore the planet-tree from the bottom up and you will make contact with beings from that planet until you reach the top, where you will have to deal with the Sun and Moon. The game is based on the novel East O 'the Sun and West O' the Moon by the Norwegian writer Peter Christen Asbjørnsen.


Here is the question: the duration ...  In One Eyed Kutkh, you can finish it quietly in half an hour, if you repeat you can even in less time. On the other hand, if you want to recreate, as is evident, the duration increases, but not more than one hour. When I finished it ... I thought: Is that it? There is a moment in the plot that you stop using the pink alien to choose four inhabitants of the planet-tree, they are all the same character but with small differences in clothes, for example, one character wears the sweater with wavy stripes, another it takes it with straight lines, in short, that once I passed One Eyed Kutkh, I thought, deluded me, that maybe if I chose a different character the story would have some alteration or another type of ending ... well, it exactly the same. 

The game is based on climbing the tree with puzzles until you reach the top, where you will meet the Sun and the Moon, the famous alien will create a conflict that then, and you must solve it to recover the gear you need and to return to your beloved home planet, the game is summed up in that. But ... Does the length of the game affect the fun of the game? I think not, the game is really enjoyed, now in the Microsoft Store it has a price of five dollars, a reasonable price, and that if you have children, nephews or little brothers you will enjoy it together


One Eyed Kutkh is a point and click game, everything related to the gameplay you must do by clicking the cursor in the form of a finger on the screen to the action that you choose, so the sticks of the Xbox One command only will serve to move the cursor. On the screen will appear several symbols that you must interact, for example to indicate the direction in which the character must move or talk to different inhabitants of the planet-tree, for it will appear a snack, as in comics, where he will describe with simple drawings the action that you want to do, in rare occasions you can interact, and try to choose between two options, although it’s something false since you choose one or the other at the end there will always be a choice that the game will force you to take.

You will control two characters throughout the game, the first is the pink alien with whom you started and you will end your luck. On the other hand, you will be in the skin of an inhabitant of the planet-tree, the latter must solve a serious conflict that the friendly pink alien has generated, for this it will require the help of other inhabitants of the planet that will facilitate the task at all times. It’s a very simple and easy game.

Graphics & Design

The whole game is a story in two dimensions very beautiful and very colored, with an ideal aesthetic for the little ones of the house, each screenshot that I made through my Xbox One X could be an illustration of a new children's novel. Baba Yaga Games has done a great job using the color palette in the game, since it is really a very colorful game; each character is drawn like the old cartoons, brimming with personality, highlighting the main character, the Sun and the Moon. One Eyed Kutkh also stands out for the physics, you should try to touch anything on the screen, as it may have something to do with the story it represents. 

According to the Microsoft store itself, the game is improved on Xbox One X and features a 4K Ultra HD resolution. The characters talk, but you don’t understand them, their language is really hypnotizing to your ears, you will see at all times what they want to express through body language and in speech bubbles with drawings, which in some cases will also be interactive. The background music is one of the most relaxing that I remember in a videogame, it transmits a lot of peace, sometimes it reminds me of lullaby music, you will have to be careful not to fall asleep.


One Eyed Kutkh is a game designed for the little ones in the house, but also for players who want to experience a relaxing and beautiful interactive ride without complications. His audiovisual style of children's story will attract children, it is an option that is recommended for children who want to get started in video games, since it has interactive and didactic mini-puzzles, very simple, but they will enjoy them. It will not please many people, but in my opinion, it is very good news for the videogame industry that there are titles of this style, it is really an audiovisual experience that you will enjoy at a very economic price.

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