Forza Horizon 4 Details & Screenshots

Looking Pretty!

Posted by Stealth David   20th September 2018

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Forza Horizon 4

Xbox One

Standard Edition: $59.99, £49.99, €69.99 (retail and digital)
Deluxe Edition: $79.99, £69.99, €89.99 (digital only)
Ultimate Edition: $99.99, £89.99, €109.99 (retail and digital)
Game Pass* “Forza Horizon 4” will be included in Xbox Game Pass at launch as part of the $9.99 monthly subscription to the service.

Some images of the showcase events I want to share with you and some information from the developers while you guys wait for the review. (Estimated ready 1st October I want to experience whole game before I post) Showcase events have been a joy to look forward to from the early days of Forza Horizon one and these look no different!

If you are playing on Xbox One X, you will have a new graphics option that enables you to choose between the game’s default “Quality” mode in native 4K and HDR at 30 frames per second, or “Performance” mode at 60 frames per second in 1080p and HDR. For PC players, the game will dynamically optimise the experience based on their hardware and will provide a rich suite of options that enable players to tune the game to their preferences.

In “Forza Horizon 4,” you will experience dynamic seasons in a shared open world set in beautiful, historic Britain, in which you can become a Horizon Superstar by playing the game’s multi-threaded campaign any way you want to play. You’ll get to explore a changing world through dry, wet, muddy, snowy, and icy conditions. You’ll also experience a fully synchronised world where everyone playing the game experiences changes in time of day, weather and seasons at the same time. And every week, a new season change brings new themed content, game play, challenges, and rewards.

You can collect, modify and drive over 450 cars from more than 100 manufacturers, with all the customisation options Forza players love, including brand new drift suspension upgrades, track width offsets, and more body kits than ever before. You can also now customise your chosen driver character with clothing, accessories, and emotes, and own property that unlocks new items and game play perks, from small cottages to castles.

Going to be live streaming on Watch Forza Here all the way up till launch and beyond! Starting Friday 21st!

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