How to get Max: The Curse of Brotherhood [Unreleased]

Very Rare Game!!!

Posted by Stealth David   28th September 2018

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Disclaimer I have seen this shared around as a way to get a copy of this sort after game in the achievement community as you are getting the DEMO files and then using them to BUY the full game USE at your own risk!

This is how to get the Unreleased stackable achievement version of Max the Curse of Brotherhood! Since you are only using the demo files and buying the full game this should all be cool! Max the Curse of Brotherhood Unreleased

Download choice Google Drive: Demo Game files

Download choice Drop Box Game files

1) Grab a USB stick or other storage device 4GB or larger and format it on your 360 for storage.
2) Download the file (its called content.rar)
3) Open the archive (content.rar - you may need an archive manager depending on operating system) and drag the content folder to the USB device.
4) Insert the storage device to your 360 and move or copy the game to your internal hard drive (its not actually necessary to add it to the internal hard drive but it helps load times)
5) Load the Unreleased version of Max (Trial)
6) Select 'unlock full version' from the main menu (this will cost $15 or the regional equivalent - owning the regular version doesn't give access to this one.)
7) Enjoy!

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    planting42 28 Sep 2018 08:59 pm

    Tested, works. Just a heads up ;)

      Administrator Stealth David 28 Sep 2018 09:06 pm

      Thanks man

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