My Brother Rabbit Review

A beautiful journey through an imagery world

Posted by B1ueSeptember   20th September 2018

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My Brother Rabbit is a story of love between a boy and his little sister. Both developed and published by Artifex Mundi, this tale follows the two through a frightening journey of illness that both must face bravely.

The story begins with a loving family happily living their lives when a serious illness befalls the youngest child. This little girl is first taken to the doctor then to a series of hospitals as doctors try to figure out what’s wrong with her. The game tells you the story of this family in cut scenes while the bulk of the game takes place in an imaginary world created by the siblings. The little girl’s brother is her greatest comfort. He takes the form of her favorite toy, a rabbit, in a beautiful world of fantasy that shields them somewhat from the grim reality of needles and hospitals while still overshadowing their thoughts as the little rabbit embarks on a dangerous journey to save his best friend, a small flower that has been touched by a taint that has diseased their world.

The game begins in the rabbit’s home underground. When he learns that his friend is sick, he immediately decides to take her on a trip to find help. This is where the puzzles begin. We don’t find the regular hidden object puzzles in this title that we do in most Artifex Mundi games. The closest we come to this is when you must build something with parts gathered in one room. Most of the puzzles require you to collect a certain number of a particular item to proceed.

The game is set up very nicely in that whatever you need will appear on the screen. Let’s say you need six butterflies, for example. You will travel between different areas of a particular world in search of these butterflies. If one is available in the area you’re in, the counter will turn blue to show you that something you need is where you are; if there’s nothing you need, the counter will go grey, which is a wonderful way to save players needless searching.

Most of the game is finding these items that you need. Some may be hidden amongst the landscape and are just a matter of paying attention to your surroundings. Others will require you to find ways to reach them, such as manipulating levers to raise various glass domes or finding a key to a chest that holds an item you need. The game has a nice variety of puzzles and mini-games throughout that are challenging enough to be fun but not so hard as to frustrate the gamer. Artifex Mundi has created a nice balance here.

The game has five worlds through which you will travel. After finishing one world, you will see cut scenes to tell you what’s going on in the real world. The juxtaposition of these two worlds creates a genuinely poignant story as we watch the family trying to deal with their little one’s sickness.

Not only is the game interesting and enjoyable, but it’s also beautiful. It is hand-drawn throughout, and the attention to detail is obvious from the very first screen. The music, too, is hauntingly lovely and fits the feeling of the game perfectly.

I have played a great many Artifex Mundi titles, and My Brother Rabbit is probably the best I’ve seen to date. It’s a wonderful game that you won’t want to miss.

Score: 9 out of 10

Release Date: September 21, 2018
Developer: Artifex Mundi
Publisher: Artifex Mundi
Platform: Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Steam
Price: $14.99, £11.99

Written by B1ueSeptember
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