Happy Ticket Give-Away event

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  • Posted: 30 Aug 2014 04:24 pm
    Another Happy Ticket Give-Away event!

    I used mine to acquire a third evolveable weapon. (Golden Sun; I already owned Great Mithril Axe and Madame Canary.)
    Evolving this weapon unlocked the first mission part of "Progress of Evolution".
    Which gave me a legendary statue as a reward.
    This legendary statue enabled me to increase the max level of my mage's weapon from level 12 to level 15.

    Only 26.000 material is required to go from level 12 to level 13. Which means I'll have to do some grinding.:annoyed:

    This week in Happy Wars, we are expressing our gratitude towards our players through a Happy Ticket Give-Away event!

    Just log in to Happy Wars to receive 80 Happy Tickets.
    Happy Tickets can be used to get great items through Happy Cards, purchase Premium Memberships for quicker character and item growth, and other ways to make your characters more powerful and better-looking!

    The Happy Ticket Give-Away, Super Premium Mega Campaign, Bounty Hunters, and Happy Cards Limited Edition are all available until September 3rd (Wednesday).

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